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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  May 27, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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r rreponse could ir n our "facebook -3 feedback" segment. psgment.just go to facebook ddt com slash foxxaatimoreeto become a fan and join tte -3 3 & 33 maps-fiber-maps pls -3 33 mapp-fiber-maas pll
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3 p3 he earrc continuee for the men who shot four ppeople as they sat on thhir & oo them... a 12 year -& condition this morning. morning.12 eea old sean johnson was shot in the chest pn cliftview avenue tuesday. ssan attended montibello middle schhol .. where parents &paad teachersswere devassated by the news... ttat one of their tudents... might not
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&pacttof viollnce. (ms. adams/parent) "well it's really sad, you know. my coodollnces gg to theefamily. i hope he gee better and -3&ppray.. youuknoww,anddi hope - they find whoevee did it, youu know, it's just sad"(dr. bbll) "i spent my afternoon, &pwatching him in a hospiial bed - unableeto communicate with me.. so, i read him cards and leeters from his ccassmates ann my heart is broken." broken." 3 investiiators havv no clear it could have been spprked by an arggment thhttbbokk out -3 over a basketbaal ggme innthe neighborhood hat fact,, pasketball hoop nerrsean'' home. iffyyu ave & any information about this ccse.. contact authorittes. 3 a teerifying situation in parkville... whhre a bbltimore county man barricaddd hiiself -&&pinna bedrrom... for neaaly &p2-hours.sswt teamm surroonded hisshome... on perrinn terrace.
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&pinsidee.. was thomms blankin- ship... a mannwho police weree trying to serve with a warrant for assaulttthe man fired a shot innide the house... but eevnnually one 3 3 ,33new dettils... bout the arresttof a ballimorr county caregiver... accusee of his careeit's a story you saww first oo fox. 3 was arreeted wednesday... after police searched hisshome -3 and found over 50--ideos of child pornography. olice also found anotter video... showing mentalll disabbed man... who --3& lived at the groop home wwerre ccestnut worked. police say chesttnt dmitted he chhoeethe victim because he "cannot 3 11:50 there werr sveral iicidents and it's believe of several years. butt buut butt 11:58 at least one inciient occurred cttalllyin 33 chestnut issnow
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3 beeng held on 500-thousand dollars bail. a spokesperson &pporrcatholic charities... & wwich runs the groop home... -says he's now suspended -& penddng an administrative review. 3 the memorial day - pegin. but before all herrford high sshool wants you to think about the truu peaniig of the holiday. holliay. jool d. smith issat the school now where they're remembering somee formmr students whoomade the ultimate sacrifice. -3 good morning joel d. good 3& 33--3& p,
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3 the father of casey anthooy... taaee the ssand. the ddatt f her daughterr..
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cayley in 2008.prosecutors & grilled george anttonyyaboutt wwat he knew of the girl's disappearance.and whethee he was awarr his daughter might have tried to covee up the child's deaat. 3 "my llfe, y wife's life when 3 running onnfumes. goonggday by - ddy just trryng to find my & theseethingssthat you're -33 psking meeto be specifii on can. 3 cassy anttony leaded not defense attorney'' claim cayleyydrownnd inna pool. p3 a teammof c-i-a forennics 3 commounnd.. where osama bin laden took hii lasttbrrath.the team is looking ffr any addittonaa information ttat unclear at this point wwen that will happen... but &ppakistan has given the u-s 3 search. coming up on the early pdition... gas prices aae brutal... brutaa...> 60 bbcks for a
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& tank of gas.see what & happpns... when we try to get -3 pround... withouu driving... its our cover story ttis morning. &pmorningg 3p(break )) 3 ((bump in))
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meteorolooiit)) 3 3&p((traffic reporter addlibs))
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3 maps-liberty-providence- ffber-back to mapssppeaese 3 3 coming up... strap yyur helmet on.... on.... pheel>someefox45 staffers are tryinn to get to workk... withoot driving... the maatt sovee says goodbye to the n-f-l.we sit - down wwth him... in sports. & p(bumm out)) 3 ((break 2))
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3 peeause of gas prices... a think about how much ww ddive... and that includes justtgetting to we conducted an experiment... rrght heee aa fox 45...several of our employees ditched their - cars for lternatiie find out if there are other wwys tt deal with our 3 ffrutration""
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3 commng up 3 matt stover is calling it quits... hear whht he as to say in sporrs... nextt &p3 ((break 3)) 33--3
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coming up n our 6 o'clock hoorr.. 3& youustudy hard for it when -3 you're 16... but would yoo be able to pass a driver's ttst nowwa new ssudy saas some of you wouldn't
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